I love to garden and enjoy growing vegetables, flowers and whatever unusual plants I can find. You may know that adding organic material to the soil is a necessity. And since my soil is heavy clay I need to add quite a bit to maintain a healthy loom. I have been using leaves from the trees on my property to amend the soil for a few years. I realized I needed a better way to turn my leaves into a useful soil amendment. Over the years I have been using tarps to collect my leaves, store them and keep them from blowing away. Then one year I decided to not just cover but wrap the leaves up in the tarp to store them for the winter. I added the remnants of my kitchen scraps from the compost bucket and some grass clippings, then I watered the whole pile for good measure. I left the whole batch to decompose through the spring, in May I opened it up and started using the partially decomposed leaves as mulch and side dressing. The results were wonderful.

So I created the Compost Hero…

Hopefully this site will educate and inform you about the benefits of using leaf compost on your garden. Over time I hope to have collected all the information you need to know about using leaves in your garden. Take a look at the Compost Hero process in our video or If you want to give composting leaves a try, head to the store and get yourself a Compost Hero.