Use leaf compost mulch to create a 4 x 8 garden space for planting carrots, onions, lettuce and a variety of other small hard to weed vegetables.

Mark off a 4 foot by 8 foot area or frame out a 4 x 8 area using 2x4's or 4x4’s or 2x6's, whatever suits you. Framing is unnecessary, but if you like to have a manicured look to your yard, frame. It helps when trimming the grass.

Clear your 4x8 area of any weeds or grass by mowing the plot as short as possible and hoeing the area bare. This will prevent any established weeds breaking through the leaf compost mulch layer.


create an easy vegetable garden
dump leaf compost to make a vegetable garden


Dump your leaf compost mulch out on your 4 x 8 garden plot and spread evenly. You should have a 4 x 8 space full of wonderful dark earthy leaf compost mulch. A blank canvas for you to create your garden art.

The Compost Hero creates 8+ cubic feet, enough leaf compost mulch to cover your new 4 x 8 sunny garden in a 3 inch thick layer of leaf compost mulch.



create a trench with your leaf compost mulch

Create a 3 inch V shaped trench in your leaf compost mulch.


fill with seed starting soil

Fill this trench with seed starting soil. This is where you will plant your seeds.

plant seeds according to package directions

Plant your seeds following the package directions for seed and row spacing.

Water daily to keep your seed bed wet until sprouts are established.

Leaf compost mulch will retain moisture and help keep your garden bed hydrated.

Your vegetable bed is now ready for a season of growing, all without tilling or excessive weeding. Enjoy your new easy vegetable garden.

growing carrots is easy with this simple garden solution

Why use this method? Why this works? The benefits of using leaf compost mulch.

  • 1. Leaf compost mulch decomposes slowly, releasing nutrients into the soil all season long.
  • 2. Leaf compost mulch is food for earth worms and other organisms that live in the soil.
  • 3. Earthworms and other soil organisms till the soil so you don't have to. As long as you feed them.
  • 4. Leaf compost mulch prevents weeds, retains moisture and regulates soil temperature.