leaf composting bin
pile your fall leaves
Easy to close composting bin
fold your compost hero
Compost hero leaf composting bin.
buckle your compost hero
Learn about the benefits of using your leaves as compost mulch.
The COMPOST HERO™ turns your fall leaves into compost quickly and easily.

Use the COMPOST HERO™ to compost your fall leaves. With the addition of water and nitrogen you can quickly turn your leaves into healthy garden organics.


  • Easy to use. Turning your compost has never been easier.
  • Easy to store. Just fold up and put away after the season ends.
  • Reusable. Make compost season after season.
  • Save Money. Save hundreds on fertilizer, mulch and compost.
  • Great for use in organic gardening.
  • Perforated material maintains aerobic composting conditions.


  • Improve Soil Quality.
  • Feed the beneficial soil organisms.
  • Adds required micronutrients.