Garden Peppers

When it comes to summer vegetables, the red bell pepper is a winner. But what do you do with them when you have an abundance? A traditional method for making the red bell pepper even better is to roast them until the skin burns off and the flesh becomes tender. On a hot bed of charcoal place your bell peppers with a long set of tongs. They will take up to 10 minutes to completely roast on each side so have some patience and maybe a beer.

Turn your pepper when the flesh turns black. Don’t worry about burning your peppers of having a burnt flavor. The skin will wash off and the smoke will enhance the flavor of the flesh.

When most of the skin is blackened take the peppers off the coals and place them in a bowl.

Rinse the peppers in cold water to remove the burnt flesh, remove the stem and rinse the seeds out. Place to the side.